Training & Assessment Strategies (TASs)

Our training and assessment strategies are comprehensively written to incorporate all the required information from compliance perspective.  Covering all the required information from course outcomes and entry requirements to assessment methods and delivery schedule, our expertly developed strategies are highly regarded in the industry and provide a robust and a clear blueprint for conducting compliant training and assessments.

For new/prospective RTOs, or for the RTO/CRICOS scope extensions, these strategies provide a great road map for developing the required course structures and deliver schedules/timetables – with essential compliance requirements already taken care of.

Course structures are well-set with a carefully chosen electives to align the course outcomes and sample delivery schedule provided for both modular (sequential) and concurrent delivery models. The schedules are developed based on academic terms of 10 weeks each – e.g.;

For a 52 week (1 year course);

Contact Weeks: 40 weeks; 4 academic terms of 10 weeks each
Holidays: 12 Weeks

Other course duration are developed based on the same structure.

We provide dedicated strategies for various target groups and delivery modes (e.g. for a blended mode, for CRICOS providers with online delivery provision under Standard 8 of The National Code 2018, domestic clients, funded clients etc.).

Strategies for the courses listed on this site are readily available. We can also develop similar strategies for virtually any course. Contact us through this website to discuss your specific course and strategy needs.

The strategies/TASs are available for different clients;

  • Domestic/local students
  • Government-funded cohorts
  • International students (CRICOS)

Contextualised and available for various delivery modes;

  • Face-to-face classroom-based delivery
  • Blended delivery (Classroom + Online)
  • Online delivery

Higher Education/Pathway Alignment

We also structure courses and develop strategies for VET to Higher Education pathways; e.g. structures a course to align with and allow for the required advanced credits/exemptions in a degree program.

Our strategies are largely based on the units (assessment resources) available with us. However, we can develop robust and effective strategies for any training package or accredited course.

Contact us for more information and discussion