Detailed & Structured Session Plans & Delivery PPTs

We develop and provide robust session plans and trainer/delivery Powerpoint slides to support delivery.

The sessions can be structured as per your RTO’s delivery plans and the delivery schedule.

As a guide, a qualification can be structured as (sample only as AQF guidelines for VoL and amount of training may differ from qualification to qualification);

  • Total Duration: 52 weeks
  • Delivery Weeks: 40 weeks
  • (For CRICOS): Scheduled face-to-face hours: 20 hours per week

An academic year is divided in four (4) academic terms of 10 weeks each.

The provides for 10 weeks x 20 hours per week – a total of 200 hours of delivery each academic term.

Accordingly, the training and assessment strategy and the session plans must align with the planned delivery schedule (example as above).

We can develop academically-sound and detailed session plans to match your delivery schedule; as well as your assessments and assessment plans. More comprehensive session plans can also be developed to incorporate blended modes (e.g. online/distance delivery supported by classroom delivery; especially in case of CRICOS providers delivering part unit/s online under Standard 8 of The National Code), as well as modular (unit-by-unit) or concurrent (units over the academic term) delivery plans.

Detailed and professionally designed Powerpoint slides can also be developed on oder. Usually a fixed price per unit.

See – Full List of Units of Competency available with us.

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