Supporting RTO Resources

We have a range of supporting resources to assist the RTOs with their training and assessment planning and structure.

In addition to RTO assessment tools and assessment packs, other resources include;

Training and Assessment Strategies

Our training and assessment strategies are some of the most robust and highly regarded documents. Training and Assessment Strategies (TASs) are dynamic and provide a roadmap to your RTOs training and assessment content, plan, resources, assessment methods, delivery schedule and other activities. Expertly developed by us and in use at RTOs across Australia for over 10 years.

See: Strategies (TASs) section for more details.

RPL Kits

Our RPL Kits are a complete solution for RTOs and CRICOS providers, containing all the required information, forms, policy documents, assessments, and information for both candidates and assessors. The kits are designed to generate and collect sufficient and valid evidences for compliance purpose.

See: RPL Kits section for more details.

Session Plans and PowerPoint Presentations for Delivery

We can develop academically-sound and detailed session plans to match your delivery schedule; as well as your assessments and assessment plans. The sessions can be structured as per your RTO’s delivery plans and the delivery schedule.

See: Session Plans & PPTs section more details.

Contact us for all you other RTO needs and requirements – Let us know how can we best support your quality training and assessment.