Quality & Audit Rectification Support Guarantee

With compliance inputs and academic oversight in all our development, our assessments and supporting materials not only satisfy the unit of competency/training package requirements, but also maintain high academic outcomes. Most of the assessments are scenario and role play-based, providing a real-life context and opportunities for skill development – in the true spirit of competency-based training and assessment.

We also understand that audits can be subjective. Accordingly, all our materials are provided under our support commitment to undertake any rectifications arising from an initial, scope, or a compliance audit within 6 months of purchase, free of charge. Rest assured, we believe in supporting our clients and are always there to assist you if you have any question or suggestion any time.


We ensure high academic standards in all our materials. Our assessments are written with the overall competency requirements of a unit in mind, and based on real-life organisations or realistic business situations and scenarios. We aim to exceed the expectations of our clients, their students/learners, and auditors. Quality of our resources is well-regarded within the industry.


While the audits are generally subjective in nature, our assessment tools and resources have stood the test of time with successful audit outcomes. We also acknowledge that two different people may look at the same unit/material differently. With that in mind, in the event of an audit finding within 6 months of purchase, we undertake to implement all the required amendments without any cost. See our Support Guarantee for more information.

Excellent Presentation

Our assessment resources are more than just the assessment tools, and come packed with professionally written and presented trainer and learner guides. Written in simple yet formal style, and structured under section headings and sub-heading, our resources demonstrate high standards in writing, organisation, presentation, content, and consistency. Trainers and students equally find our guides easy to follow and maintain, with consistency in format and information across all the units.

Reviews and Improvements

At Skillworks, we sincerely believe in continuous improvement. We believe that we enrich ourselves through the lived experiences and feedback of our clients and stakeholders. Through our network of compliance consultants, who regularly attend compliance and regulatory audits, and audit feedback from our clients, we keep improving our materials and resources. Clients are provided with feedback as inputs into their internal reviews and validations.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

– William A Foster