Contents for Higher Education Courses

Skillworks, in consultation and association with some of the renowned academics and subject experts, has developed high-quality higher education course materials and contents that support both classroom-based and online delivery modes.

The following course materials are currently avaialble;

  • BSB80515 Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning); and
  • BSB80215 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

These courses are aligned with AQF 8 outcomes and provided as a package that includes;

  • Unit/subject outline
  • Leanring materials and ebooks (where available) – print and online
  • Structured lectures, notes, slides, and supporting delivery resources
  • Readings list and reference materials
  • Assessments and exams
  • Competency mapping and marketing guides/rubrics

These resources can equally be implemented in both VET and higher edcuation environments at the same AQF level; and the academic rigor and other requirements guided by the learning outcomes. Professionally written and developed for Master’s level programs, these resources provide a unique opportunity to VET providers to introduce higher education contents in the vocational education space and create Master’s degree pathways.

VET to Master’s pathways are rare – and Skillworks provides established pathways to its clients through partnerships with leading universities with standing credits in select Master’s programs.

See the Graduate Certificate Program

See the Graduate Diploma Program

We also provide consulting services to Higher Edcuation Providers (HEPs) inclding course and curriculum development and TEQSA applications (with due governance processes) through our group companies – E-Skills Australia and Educo Higher Ed.

Online Delivery

These contents are also available for online delivery through our robust and hosted Learning Management System. Custom and branded institute/client portal is provided with a course library where providers can enrol their own students, manage schedules, forums, student progress, reports, grading and much more.

All the features of a top-class learning management system (LMS), and pre-loaded with a comprehensive course library.

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