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Simulated activities and tasks allow assessment of complex interactions, skills and attributes that may be difficult to reproduce or assess (e.g. multidisciplinary teamwork, negotiation etc.) in a typical classroom environment. A competency is most appropriately assessed in a real-life work-like environment that simulates the workplace and under the normal range of workplace conditions. Given the constraints of classroom learning and student profiles, simulated work environment is generally required where mandated for assessment purposes.

From assessment perspective, simulation is a form of evidence gathering that involves learners in completing or dealing with a task, activity or problem in an off-the-job situation that reflects the workplace.

As noted by ASQA, Training packages and VET accredited courses describe the requirements for assessment of students, including any specific environments or equipment that must be used. Assessment methods must ensure that only properly skilled students are determined as competent.

When conducting assessment, RTOS must adhere to all requirements such as the context of assessment and essential resources as described in the unit or module.

With these principles and requirements in mind, we have developed a concise but a robust Simulation Guide the can be used by both trainers/assessors and students in a classroom environment. The Simulation Guide contains useful information such as;

  • Purpose and context of simulation in a competency-based environment
  • Simulated Learning/Training
  • Simulated Assessments
  • Planning and conducting simulated tasks and activities
  • Instructions for students/learners
  • Recording the outcomes and maintaining the evidences

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