Skillworks - RTO Resources

We provide practical and easy-to-follow guides and tools to support delivery and assessment. In a competency-based environment, it is essential that trainer/assessors and students are equally aware of critical aspects of delivery and assessment such as simulated activities and role play/scenario-based tasks.

These are compact guides but provide a great resource for the RTOs to plan and conduct Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN), Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Assessment Validations, Industry Consultations, and classroom simulations.

The guides can be branded to your RTO to provide an enterprise look; and can also be modified and improved by the RTO as needed.

The requirement for these guides and similar assessment supporting mechanisms has been raised frequently in the RTO compliance audits. The RTOs will find these guide very useful for both delivery and compliance.

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The above guides provide a great resource for both assessment process and academic planning.

We have a range of concise guides such as “Guide to Working in Teams/Groups” (to support team/group projects), and “Guide to Academic Writing”, which can be provided if needed.

We can develop additional guides, as needed, to effectively support training and assessment.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.