Skillworks - Assessment Tools

Our assessment tools are detailed, structured, and provide easy to follow instructions for both students and assessors. Unlike many other assessment tools – which generally comprise of an endless list of tasks and questions – our assessments are especially and expertly designed to provide a project and case-approach for an effective delivery and unit compliance.

We are aware of the operational and academic requirements of the RTOs, and believe that the assessments must be doable within an academic term. With that in mind, we have developed tasks that can be undertaken in tandem with the learning sessions, and allow all the assessment to be completed within a scheduled term timetable.

The assessment tools are contained within our unique and distinctive Trainer and Learner Guides, providing a robust assessment process and system to maintain delivery as well as compliance.

The Trainer’s Guide contains

  • Competency information
  • RTO and academic requirements
  • Information for trainers and assessors (e.g. competency-based delivery and assessment, conducting simulation etc.)
  • Lesson plan (key topics)
  • Delivery plan
  • Assessment plan and methods
  • Assessment tools
  • Assessment/Marking criteria
  • Model answers (to tests and exams)
  • Checklists
  • Competency record sheet
  • Assessment matrix
  • Session plan template

The Learner’s Guide contains

  • Competency information
  • Information for learner (e.g. assessment requirements, prescribed text etc.)
  • RTO and academic requirements
  • Lesson plan (key topics)
  • Delivery plan
  • Assessment Plan
  • Assessment tools with assessment criteria
  • Assignment cover sheet

These guides are essentially assessment resources and designed for classroom-based delivery. As such, they do not contain any learning or delivery materials. Lesson plans provide a comprehensive list of topics and activities that can be used for developing the session plans. If needed, we can assist in development of session plans and other delivery resources.

We have provided sample course structures as below. However, RTOs may choose and select any units that they prefer according to their course outcomes.

Resources to support delivery – e.g. Simulation Guide, Guide to Work in Teams/Groups can also be ordered. Contact us through this website to discuss your specific needs and requirements.


View our proposed units covering outcomes for Cert III to Advanced Diploma Accounting courses.

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Our IT courses include units that can be aligned with CISCO's CCNA, CCNA+ certifications.

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We have developed sample course structures for a range of business qualifications.

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Sample Cert IV to Adv. Diploma course structures with leadership and management outcomes.

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Selection of units with dedicated marketing and communications outcomes in the courses.

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Dedicated Tourism outcomes courses from Cert III to Advanced Diploma in T&T.

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