As a general principle, Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) content is ‘built-in’ to all Training Packages and accredited course content in form of Foundation Skills and has become an integral part of all vocational qualifications within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

While students will develop the required essential skills during their course of study/training, it is important that the enrolling institutions (e.g. RTOs) identify and and support LLN needs of the candidates/students both prior to and during their enrolment.

LLN are key underpinning skills that will support their vocational learning, the development of their employability skills and their workplace communication skills whatever level of course or training they are doing (Crux of the Matter, 2011).

Under VET, LLN requirements are specified as part of student support needs under Clauses 1.7 and 5.1 of The Standard for RTOs 2015, and Standard 6.1.2 of The National Code 2018.

We have developed our LLN guide based on the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

Our comprehensive LLN Guide contains;

  • Guidelines for Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment
  • ACSF Framework and Indicators
  • LLN Assessment Process
  • LLN Policy
  • Candidate/Student Self-Assessment Form
  • Student Interview Form
  • LLN Needs Analysis Form
  • LLN Outcome and Support Strategy Template

RTOs will need to use their own LLN tests/Assessment Tools.

A range of online and print-based LLN assessment tools are available – however, within the VET sector, robust and proper LLN tools specific to qualifications or qualification level are rare. Department of Education and Training (DET) is providing an online Foundation Skills Assessment Test (FSAT) – but that will cease by 30 June 2018.

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