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Under Clauses 1.5 and 1.6 of The Standards for RTOs 2015,  engaging with industry stakeholders (such as employers and industry associations) is critical to ensuring training and assessment is aligned to current methods, technology, products and performance expectations for the workplace tasks specified in the training package or VET accredited course (ASQA, 2018).

RTOs must consider specific industry needs when developing and implementing training and assessment strategies.

Under these clauses, RTOs must be able to demonstrate that all strategies for training and assessment have been developed in response to information  obtained through engaging with industry stakeholders. This engagement may involve seeking advice about:

  • The qualification, course or skill set that best meets the skill and knowledge needs of industry;
  • The most relevant electives for the training (in accordance with any packaging rules for the training product);
  • The mode of study and the training and assessment methods to be used.

RTOs must be able to demonstrate that industry representatives have had input into:

  • The skills and knowledge you require trainers and assessors to hold; and
  • The resources the RTO uses for training and assessment.

ASQA has noted that a large number of RTOs being audited are unable to demonstrate evidence of engaging with industry and employers to test that their training and assessment strategies and practices are relevant.

We have developed a robust Industry Consultation Pack to address these specific requirements. The pack contains tools and templates for;

  • Context and Purpose
  • Industry Engagement and Consultation Policy and Procedure
  • Industry Engagement and Consultation Plan
  • Industry Engagement and Consultation Report
  • Engagement and Consultation Log

Collectively, the provide a comprehensive systems for engaging, collecting and implementing industry feedback to improve RTO practices.


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