Skillworks - RPL Guide

Under Clauses 1.9  of The Standards for RTOs 2015, RTOs must implements a plan for ongoing systematic validation of assessment practices and judgements that includes for each training product on the RTO’s scope of registration:

a) When assessment validation will occur
b) Which training products will be the focus of the validation
c) Who will lead and participate in validation activities
d) How the outcomes of these activities will be documented and acted upon.

Clause 1.10, and 1.11 require that each training product must be validated at least once every five years, with at least 50% of products validated within the first three years of each five year cycle, taking into account the relative risks of all of the training products on the RTO’s scope of registration, including those risks identified by ASQA.

Validation must be undertaken by one or more persons who are not directly involved in the particular instance of delivery and assessment of the training product being validated and have the required vocational competency and currency same as any other trainer or assessor, holding a TAE40110/TAE40106 of higher credentials.

Clause 1.25 further sets the requirement for an “Independent Validsation”. Independent validation meansfor the purposes of Clause 1.25, that the validation is carried out by a validator or validators who:

a) Are not employed or subcontracted by the RTO to provide training and assessment; and

b) Have no other involvement or interest in the operations of the RTO.

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  • Validation Principles and Process
  • Assessment Validation Plan
  • Assessment Validation Tool
  • Outcomes and Action Plan Template

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