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ASQA is Increasing Scrutiny on New Applications

ASQA’s 2017-18 Regulatory Strategy identified the implementation of stronger controls on new training providers entering the market as a key priority.

ASQA receives approximately 500 applications for initial registration each year and on average, rejects around one in four applications for initial registration. To further protect the quality and reputation of the VET and international education sectors, from 1 July 2018, ASQA will apply even greater scrutiny to all applications to establish new training providers.

New applicants for registration with ASQA will now:

  • be required to submit more extensive financial viability data and provide greater disclosure on the backgrounds of people associated with the organisation
  • need to complete a comprehensive self-assessment to ensure that they are ready to deliver training, and submit evidence to support compliance
  • no longer have an opportunity to correct non-compliances prior to a decision being made on the application
  • no longer be able to make changes to a submitted application
  • generally be registered for a two-year period.

Applicants who successfully achieve registration will also be subject to additional scrutiny during the first two years where they apply to add new training products to their scope of registration.

Applicants for initial registration can no longer make changes (for example, by changing or removing locations or items from scope or by changing executive officers) after submitting an application and there is no rectification period provided for these applications.

Removal of the rectification period for initial audits will apply to any audit that occurs on or after 1 July 2018, regardless of the date the application was submitted.

For more information, visit ASQA’s information page, including useful FAQs for providrs – ASQA: Initial Registration Changes

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